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The Alley

The Alley is an independent dramatic short film starring Marya Delver, Tom McBeath, Hrothgar Mathews and Vincent Gale. It won the National Screen Institute drama prize in 1998 and was nominated for six Leo Awards.

The Phantom Skater
Praxis Film Development Workshops
Based on my short story of the same title
Advisors: Atom Egoyan, John Frizzel, John Hunter, Chapelle Jaffe

This is the story of a burned out hockey scout former pro, Bobby, sent up north to find "The Phantom Skater" -- a prodigy who can skate as fast as a Buick -- only to find out the whole town might be in on the joke to bilk hockey scouts out of dough. Worse yet, the only Bed and Breakfast in town is run by Bobby's ex-wife who still has eyes for him, and a nasty left hook.

The Big Blue Bird
Telefilm Crossover Project
Based on my play. 
Script Advisor and Story Editor: Chapelle Jaffe.

Three generations of men deal with the missing women in their lives, including a greeting card salesman who can't seem to find romance no matter what.

Java Life
Canadian Film Centre workshops
Script Advisor (First Draft):  Tecca Crosby.
Shortlisted for CFC Feature Film Project.

A middle aged woman opens a coffee shop only to discover that business isn't booming and her husband isn't faithful either. All changes when a loner walks in and orders an Americano and possibly romance.

Curtains for Roy

A middle-aged man, a TV director with no motivation, changes his life after receiving bad news from a doctor. He decides to direct a Shakespeare play in the park but is pressured by his revolting cast to fire his star, a flamed haired woman who can't act. This last production could be the end of Roy either way.