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Aaron Bushkowsky


Curtains for Roy
A screenplay based on the novel

Alex is a playwright suffering from writer’s block and harsh reviews. His best friend, Roy, is a theatre director with lung
cancer and six months left to live. In pursuit of fresh air and great wine, they go on a road trip to the Okanagan Valley, where Roy rediscovers his passion for theatre. But when he decides to stage a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at a winery, disaster ensues.

curtains for roy

Dressing for a Wedding
Solo Collective, Nov. 13-29, 2015
Performance Works, Granville Island, Vancouver

A crazy A-Type personality mother runs her daugher's wedding rehearsal, hoping for the best, but not expecting the worst, dark secrets to come to life. A dark comedy about family secrets and depression mixed with wedding music and those horrible wedding "readings". Directed by Sarah Rodgers. Featuring: Deb Williams, Gili Roskies, Josh Drebit, and Gary Jones.